Thursday, October 25, 2012

Movies that Inspire

The other day I was watching TV and Almost Famous came on. Not only was I reminded how much I love the 1970s, but I was also reminded how it feels when you watch a movie you truly love. Whether it is the actors, the plot, the cinematography, or the soundtrack (& the list goes on) there is nothing quite like watching your favorite movie. I find that different films inspire me in different ways, whether it is to try my hand at guitar or to get my butt to the gym.

While my taste may seem a little jumbled- I believe in balance (both a rom-com and an action film are included). Here are my top five favorite movies that inspire...enjoy.

 1. Almost Famous (as previously mentioned)


photos courtesy of google images


  1. i LOVE almost famous! one of my favorites! :)

    1. such a great movie--I wish I had penny lane's wardrobe! x