Friday, November 9, 2012

Fresh Face

So I've been a little creatively bored lately and I decided to give my room a face lift. I something fresh and crisp with an edge of whimsy. I finally decided on the obvious choice for a fresh look...white (all white!). I know what you are thinking, its too boring, but I decided to add a chalkboard wall for my hint of "whimsy." I haven't finished the project yet but I figured I would add some "inspiration" pictures...courtesy of the always-wonderful Pinterest.

My finished room pictures to come! Happy Weekend. X

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Red Velvet Bliss

The weather has begun to feel a little bit chillier and I am reminded that the holidays (the most wonderful time of the year...) are just around the corner. With this time of year comes the somewhat inexplicable (yet amazing) need for baked goods to be at every gathering. So I've taken the next few weeks as "prep time" for this wondrous season... first up, red velvet cupcakes!

 I used this recipe. I found the cake to be the perfect consistency and the frosting to die for! My favorite part about red velvet cupcakes for the holidays is that they are festive enough (the red coloring, the "snow like" frosting) without being too obvious a choice. I topped them off with an adorable baking cup, (a similar one found here) some candy pearls, and a bow!